Heilongjiang Qianrun Foods Co., Ltd., specialize in dried fruit, was invested and held by Shanghai Tianhairun Group and established at Harbin High-tech Development Zone (state-level) in 2008. At the very beginning, our company mainly focused on dried sugar-infused berries. So far,  the major covered products has extended to dried sugar-infused berries, AD berries, dried sugar-free berries, freeze dried fruits, berries concentrate, blueberry pulp and dried tropical fruits and so on.


Qianrun has been managed completely complying with the managing system consisting GMP, ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP and Food for Export Enterprise Standard for workshop designing, constructing and production operation and management.

During the production, additive and preservative are never used. Meanwhile, professional cleaning system and sugar infusing outfit introduced from Japan, high-tech stems-removing machines, advanced technology and inspection instrument have been applied in the production with the rigorous selection together to gurantee the high quality. Aiming at insuring the safest traits, most reliable quality and the best service for our customers to enjoy the special fruit flavor of blueberry and its healthgiving benefits any time and any where, quality of our products has been guranteed and certificated through the organic food certification system including JAS in Japan, EEC in EU and NOP in the US and so on.

In addition of the advanced production facilities as foundation, our company also possess the professsional product research and development personnel and technicists to launch new products every year in order to cater to the market and our customers.
"Natural, Organic.” is the eternal concept on healthy foods of our company. Cooperating with Japanese, we have found a mutual research and develop center for the higher quality of sugar-infused and other foods to serve our customers under the international production standard. Our company will persevere all the time in achieving the goal of being the major sugar-infused foods producer and supplier in the world.

Investment Hotline:+86-451-86344055 
Factory Address:2B Block, Jizhong Dist, Yingbin Rd,Hi-tech Development Zone(Cooperated with Russia),Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China.