"QianRun" brand start in Greater Khingan Mountains primary forest, "Qian" means sky,"Run" means water.
Abundant products from the earth and talents,these forest be pregnant with high grade blueberry,feedback to the people who guard it.
Natural,Organic is Qianrun forever ideal for healthy foods.Innovation, honesty, profession and courage are the concept of enterprise development.

Innovation is the driving force of enterprises development,market is ever-changing with opportunities everywhere. Innovation means change, breakthrough, innovation, innovation also means discovery, continuous search. 
QianRun constantly try and break through itself in its own management mode, sales channels, marketing tools and products with full vigor and creativity.

Honesty is the foundation of QianRun Foods. It means that every employee should keep its promise,this includes commitment to the company, colleagues, partners, customers and society,this means that we should put forward higher requirements for service, our own image and behavior, and try our best to fulfill it. 
It is firmly believed that honesty is basic request for the QianRun industry development.

Professional is also the power of business development,have been accumulated in the industry and elite been gathered up for ten years, creat QianRun.
Courage is the driving force for development. QianRun Food can not develop without employees and partners efforts,courage allows members to full play their initiative and creativity in their job.
Investment Hotline:+86-451-86344055 
Factory Address:2B Block, Jizhong Dist, Yingbin Rd,Hi-tech Development Zone(Cooperated with Russia),Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China.